About Padina

The village of Padina is situated in the country of the Former Yugoslavia (known as SERBIA now) in the province of Vojvodina . Padina, at the moment has approx 7000 people living there, 99% of whom are of a Slovak background & heratige. The village of Padina was established in 1806 by Slovak familys that miagrated from Slovakia .

Vojvodina has been a part of Austria-Hungary . Here stood a military border for the Austria-Hungary military in the war against the Osman Turk empire . Padina was used as a border safe place for the military. The situation on these grounds was destabilizated with the first Serbian stand against the Osman Turk empire in 1804. Military leaders of Habsburg Monarchy decided , that Padina will be established with Slovak migrants and Samos with Serbs.

The Austria-Hungary army then measured up a total of 83 lots and quickly built houses for the new citizens about to arrive. They built these dwellings with quality metarials and in 2 short years, Padina was ready to acommidate the new Slovaks. The Slovaks came in two lots, the first being in 1806 and the second in 1808. In each lot, upto 80 familys arrived. These familys were mainly from Novohradska, Pestianska and Gemerska areas of Slovakia . Only a very few familys came from Liptovska and Nitra areas.



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